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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More GCB Quotes from Episode Five, “Forbidden Fruit"

This episode is full of wonderfully written and acted parts.  The opener with Luke Lourde (played by Eric Winter) is a unique "meet cute."  Eric Winter is golden in my book.  All the scenes with Bozeman in it are hilarious.  When he joins in with his daddy to encourage Sharon to stay home and cook, it feels so real.  Especially with all the sibling scowling going on.  Bozeman working his charm on Cricket is amazingly honest from both parties.  The outdoor necking scene between Burl and Gigi—priceless.  I felt sorry for Pastor Tudor as Sharon smothered him and yet snickered when she talked too much about private church matters and laughed too loud at his jokes.

Carlene continues to play the wicked witch and yet somehow pulls it off while we still like her.  Well, part of her.

This one expires on Hulu.com in another four days, so I have to watch it over and over before it goes away.   

Here’s some great lines I missed in my first post on this episode.

* * *

Carlene:  Bravo, Heather.  Making all that commission from your relationship with your sweet, adorable Andrew.  You’re just a busy little beaver.

Sharon (calling Pastor on the phone):  Pastor Tudorrrrr (emphasis), Shar-or-ron (phonetically).  Great news.  My son, Bozeman, is home.  Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to be with you tonight. . . . Well, praise the Lord right back atchya!

Zack (to Bozeman):  But you need to respect our rules.  And the female population.

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