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Friday, May 4, 2012

Re: GCB - Do You See the Calligraphy on the Wall?

I'm worried.

The season finale is airing this Sunday.  How long do I have to survive without GCB?

Plus what is Ripp up to?  Ever since the Ball where he introduced himself to Amanda, said he knew Bill, that cautionary red flag in my mind has been waving.  Soon afterward, it's been popping and snapping in a gale-force wind.

Remember Carlene stealing Amanda's computer?  Remember the accountant looking over Amanda's finances?  Remember the pinata stuffed with Amanda's "secrets" at the church singles group that Ripp and Carlene read?

And most recently, we found out last episode--as Ripp, Luke and Burl all outvoted Carlene's U.S.-based Christian Condo project--that they are all in "it"!

That's gonna mess up three couples!  Ripp and Carlene, because I figure Carlene has no idea Ripp's gone over to the dark side.  I get this feeling that Ripp's secret is he was a big, scheming, full-Ponzi partner with Bill.  If Burl and Luke are involved in the original thievery, that's just horrible.  And will break Gigi's and Amanda's hearts. (Mine, too.)

BUT . . . the way Ripp skedaddled away as Burl approached Carlene at Gigi's "Dress Like Your Favorite Texan" welcome home party for Burl (and Bitsy), I'm thinking Burl is there to fix the mess Ripp has gotten himself into.  And Luke is added manpower to watch that "she" who is in Juarez.  Whoever that is.

Is it Bill's lover--Amanda's now former best friend?  Did she survive the car accident and the fire?  Living off the money in Bill's vehicle while she looks for the rest?

And I'm loving seeing Cricket nicely unglued by a man--Mason Massey.  Another thing that'll probably be cut short as we await Season Two.

Although I'm convinced Blake and Cricket love each other very deeply, it is just sad to see a married woman doing without sex.  Even the Bible says that married couples shouldn't deny each other; after all, lovemaking both fulfills their marital duties to each other as well as aids in avoiding temptation outside the marriage bed.  Also spouses are further instructed that sex should only be postponed for prayer.  Amen.  See I Corinthians 7:4-5.

That concludes today's scripture lesson.

Oh, and did you also connect the homophone of "Lord" with "Lourd"? As in Ripp telling Carlene the "Lord" spoke to him?  Just saying . . .

Now, please, please, please tell me there will be a Season Two (and many more) of GCB!

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