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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dreams DO Come True . . .

I made a major career move almost five years ago.  I had been a well-paid legal assistant for decades.  Felt very comfortable with my duties, very pleased with the manifold jobs completed, very self-satisfied with the fast pace.  No clock-watching at this job.  Yet . . .

I was not fulfilled.  Not so much with the legal environment as it was about the rigid work atmospheres:  driving to work in the dark and home again, in the dark; glass high-rises with windows that did not open; "dressing for success" but it was my brain earning a living;  any commute farther than five miles from my house, preferably none!  This is evidence how you can be really good at your job--productive, efficient, accurate--and all the while, in the wrong place for you.

Not only did I yearn to be an entrepreneur, but I demanded to be creatively unleashed.  To save "me"--the one inside, dying a slow death.

Freedom to work from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., take a nap, and resume again with a workout, breakfast, then charge into creating novels.  My own stories.  With gifts that served me well in my former career, but will let me soar into my second--fully engaging my soul, my heart and my mind.

My first dream-come-true was landing a freelance copy editor position four years ago with a big NYC publishing house.  THE publisher that I felt best matched me and my reading preferences.  In line with my own writing, whether short stories or novels, from years long ago, and not-yet-unpublished back then.  It still makes me smile and gives me goose bumps as I recount "falling" into this blessing.

My second dream-come-true was uploading the first of now six e-books.  Wow! I AM PUBLISHED!  You have no idea how fulfilling this is for me and my goals as an all-Indie author.  Plus with my book-reading love discovered long before I attended any formal school, it was an obvious direction for me.  Which gifts-encompassing talent the copyediting and the creating both utilize.

My third dream-come-true is one still-in-progress.  I wish to be a self-sustaining author.  Making enough money from just my e-books to pay all my bills--which have been pared down greatly since the inception of my author career.  Then my copyediting fees would become the extra monies that elevate me from paycheck-to-paycheck status to the enviable more-than-enough plateau.  Can't wait!

And in the spirit of that, I'm redoing my To Do list from a sad rendition of all the glitches that prevent me from uploading about six projects to date, to become a Research Reminder of the answers I am sure to find within the wonderful realm of the World Wide Web.  It's all in the mind-set, right?

Wish me good hunting!

Denise Barker, author + freelance copy editor
Good Ole Boys, a love story (e-book)
A Copyediting Checklist for Novelists (e-book)

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