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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yellow Prussiate of Soda = MSG?

Do you know what yellow prussiate of soda is? It's supposed to be an anticaking agent. It was in my "fine sea salt."

Which I have tossed in the trash.

Once ingested by my body, it gives me allergic reactions just like any other MSG misnomer. I've got the itchy eyes and scalp and face to prove it. I was eating a snack of leftover roasted potatoes, drizzled with olive oil, garnished with parsley and this sea salt (more than three hours after eating anything else).

It has to be the yellow prussiate of soda added to the sea salt that my body is reacting to.

Unless the food manufacturers are adding MSG to:

  • ten-pound bags of whole russet potatoes or
  • bottled olive oil or
  • dried parsley flakes

without disclosing that fact to consumers who are buying these products.

See my earlier posts about my MSG allergic reactions regarding "natural flavor(ing)" and/or "modified food starch." Remember, I found unsalted butter has MSG in it under the guise of "natural flavors" which is not added to the salted butter variety in two different brands that I checked.

Makes me wonder, when I say "No MSG" to the waitstaff at any restaurant, am I still getting "yellow prussiate of soda" or "modified food starch" or "natural flavor(ing)"?

Now I will start saying:

  • No MSG.
  • No yellow prussiate of soda.
  • No modified food starch.
  • No natural flavoring.

Is anything untainted with MSG at any food establishment? Scary.

I was watching a video of Dr. Vincent Bellonzi, a doctor of chiropractic medicine and certified clinical nutritionist, who states MSG is added to our foods because it makes everything taste better, even dirt. Here's the link: http://completelynourished.com/2010/09/28/40/.

And the government wonders why Americans are getting fatter each year. 

Could be because current laws allow MSG to be hidden in our foods. It shouldn't be added in there at all.


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