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Living the Dream Checklist: How to Quit Your (Current) Day Job


In thirty-five original document pages, I describe my trek into self-employment, becoming my own boss. If you choose to follow, do so at your own risk. You will probably quit the day job you may hate just to exchange it for something that pays less but you enjoy more—which still allows you to continue paying your bills. My route is riskier than the more conservative alternative of keeping that good-paying job and working your beloved career on the side until it is a money-maker. You decide what is best suited for you and your temperament, personal and financial situations, expenses and security level, consulting with your experts, your family, your CPA, your attorney. After reading my version, you may think of an even better way. Go for it! We should all be utilizing our unique gifts, doing what we love and enjoying the process.


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Denise Barker, author + blogger + copy editor

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