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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Grateful Flip-Flop-Wearing Freelancer

Just call me Flip-Flop Freelancer for short. Flip-flops make me smile. They segue into great summertime memories and feelings of complete freedom (before I became an adult). They are a talisman for me. But I have lots more freedom in my adult life now as a freelancer. I'm feeling so grateful for this life of self-employment that I had to post about it. Again.

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I'm a Deep South gal from Baton Rouge now living in the DFW area. So I can wear flip-flops ten months out of the year (and mow my lawn about nine months out of the year too). My casual attire in my home office is such a wonderful freedom from my years spent as a legal assistant, where you wouldn't believe the strange rules I worked under.

One law firm didn't want their female employees to wear sleeveless dresses or tops (even if going through early menopause after a hysterectomy and suffering through hot flashes for years). Another firm wouldn't let women wear pants (even if below freezing outside).

So to wear flip-flops (no hose, no heels, no slips) is freedom to me.

The other thought I wanted to share here is that we should all do something today (and every day hereafter if possible) that we have been putting off for later, whether for a theoretical vacation or for that magical day when all our work is done or for when we retire.

I see such problems with that line of thought. First, my work is my vacation. I've never been big on traveling as I am such a homebody, loving cooking, reading, watching movies, being in nature. So spending money on some vacation doesn't sound like a good use of funds, IMO. Yet ... I would love to see firsthand some great wonders of the world. But I'm happy to peruse awesome photos in the meantime.

Second, when will all our work ever be done? Granted, there is paying work (freelancing), and there is nonpaying work (DIY projects at home). And I was raised with a strong work ethic, so I tended to be such a workaholic when in the corporate world. When I started working for myself, my high-octane "normal" mode just doubled. Tripled even.

And retiring? I plan on working long after I retire, as I'm an author as well as a copy editor.

So, while I put in more hours to my freelancing, I spend downtime at night either reading for pleasure or watching movies on DVD or on Netflix. This week I'm motivated to read more than watch movies. And I have a sudden urge to paint my nails (which is not altogether wise when involved in DIY projects or even handwashing dishes, rubber gloves or no rubber gloves). Still it makes me smile to see my nails done (fingers and toes because, as mentioned above, I wear flip-flops).

This post is to share my happiness and to hope it is contagious, plus to remind us all to be grateful daily and to stop putting off doing enjoyable things for "later."

Therefore, I urge you all to treat yourself to a minivacation at some point in each day.

"If your vocation isn’t a vacation, then quit, leap, change careers."

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Denise Barker, Author, Blogger, Copy Editor
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