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I am Dallas-area nonfiction and fiction author Denise Barker, Indie publishing my e-books under my DBA:  Living the Dream Publishing. And it feels so good.

Becoming a published author was my number one goal for many years, which finally came true in late March 2011, but wasn't the first dream I had which evolved into a reality.

I also have five and a half years experience as a freelance copy editor for one large NYC publishing house, my number two dream but which came true first.

All of my writings are online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Some are available also through Smashwords and now Kobo. Eventually all should be uploaded to these four venues. See my blog signature for links to each online store.


P.S.  My Favorite Links to websites that I list on my blog are not paying me to do so.  I am sharing them with you because I really like them overall.  While I may not agree with every single thing on each post, that is life, right?

P.P.S.  I read fiction and nonfiction books, watch TV shows and movies so sometimes I make comments about them on my blog.  I am not paid for any endorsements nor did I get free merchandise in exchange for posting same. I simply am sharing my insights here with fellow authors, book lovers and movieholics.  Enjoy!

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