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Friday, March 9, 2018

Author Highlight: Phil M. Williams

Want your reading to be informative as well as emotional? A fictionalized account of what happens in the real world? Phil M. Williams's novels will show our society at work, both the good and the bad. Pick up his two nonfiction books regarding permaculture and landscaping to help make our planet a better place for future generations.

UPDATE: Per his website, here's his affiliate link info:

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My particular number one favorite of his offerings is Sedition. It's a raw emotional read that you won't ever forget. Suggested for mature audiences only.

And, if you haven't gone to Amazon yet, here's his cover art to tempt you further:

Stone Lake The Propaganda Project Initiation Sedition No Conscience Cesspool Fire the Landscaper: How Landscapers, HOAs, and Cultural Norms Are Poisoning Our Properties Against the Grain Farmer Phil's Permaculture Against the Grain YA Edition


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