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Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day: Remembering Those Who Fought, Who Gave Life and Limb to Keep Us Free

I read this recent post by Heather Sanders on remembering Memorial Day, celebrating it for what it means to all of us. And she put it so succinctly, that I share it here with you: http://thepioneerwoman.com/homeschooling/2015/05/memorial-day-a-day-for-remembering/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pioneerwoman-full-rss-feed+%28Pioneer+Woman+FULL+RSS+FEED%29.

Thank you to all our servicemen and women.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eight Days into the Bulletproof Diet

First, my apologies for not posting anything sooner. This year has been a busy one, and, for a freelancer, that is great news.

Second, I'm loving the Bulletproof diet (BD herein). Today I'm beginning day eight, but already I'm sleeping better. I'm not hungry. I drink less coffee. I'm drinking more water. I eat one or two meals a day with Bulletproof coffee as my morning fix. I don't snack anymore (Gasp! How can that be?), except for maybe at nighttime, using Dave Asprey's tip about fructose and using the sugar-crash to fall sleep. Such a cool idea.

Plus those numbers on my scale are dropping (but my old scale is manual, not digital, and prone to wild jumps in both directions, so I'm hesitant to go by it alone. Still my jeans are looser.) I have high energy levels anyway, but I've noticed some days where I really feel even more energetic.

And I'm not following the plan.

What I'm doing in a nutshell is having my version of the Bulletproof coffee using my Starbucks supply with two tablespoons Kerrygold butter and one tablespoon of XCT coconut oil (from bulletproofexec.com) and trying to get another three tablespoons of good fats during the day. If I apply coconut oil to my body, I count that in too. After all, our bodies absorb what's on our skin.

The rest of the BD will just come in stages.

And I'm telling myself that this is okay. I'm doing better today than one week ago. I firmly believe food should be our medicine, and I'm trying to prevent diseases and illness and diabetes and cancer with my grocery purchases, even on a restricted budget.

So, yes, eating healthy, eating organic, is more expensive, but I'm eating less, so that helps offset my wiser food purchases. And, with my freelancing, I'm going the baby-steps route. I bit the bullet and bought organic nitrate-free bacon and organic pastured eggs ($12.00 at my local Sprouts store), thinking breakfast would be a cheaper meal to purchase organically. It was still a shock when I checked out prices.

Everything else I eat is not organic.

I'm still using store-bought soaps, shampoos, cleaning supplies. I hope to replace those with homemade essential oil versions soon. My household water is not filtered. I'm not buying bottled spring water, yet.

So my environment and what I put topically on my body still has chemicals in it.

Baby steps.

But I find I want more veggies now that I am free to add Kerrygold butter to them. So even though it's spring, I'm favoring hot side dishes over cooling salads. During a couple hectic back-to-back workdays that ended up totaling over twelve hours each, I got hungry and stopped for "lunch" some eight hours after my BD coffee breakfast. Yeah, I was amazed too.

I did cheat three days of the previous seven and ate some of my Red Hots stash, but now I have dark-chocolate-covered almonds to divert my attention. And, when I do eat either of these, I'm eating less of them.

I'm keeping a food journal to watch for the racing heart reaction within 1.5 hours of eating something that I'm sensitive too, to help me narrow down those foods and weed them out. That was just one of the great tips from Dave Asprey's book, Bulletproof Diet.

So that's the skinny. This may be the eating lifestyle I can actually pull off forever. Of course any diet that encourages me to have coffee for breakfast is good in my book. Plus any plan that can allow for such a diversion as mine presently is from the BD's "perfect" implementation is wonderful, great, surprising.

I'll update more about my BD experience later.

NOTE: The brands mentioned herein are my personal preferences and only added to show details. I'm not getting paid by any of the companies producing these brands.

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