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Friday, February 7, 2014

Thank You, Tristar Plumbing

Many thanks go out to Ron and John and all the crew at Tristar Plumbing in the DFW metroplex. I had a leaking hot water heater discovered about 7:00 p.m. Saturday night, a frozen spigot on the heater itself that refused to budge, a house main line turnoff valve that didn't fully stop the water supply (hence three days playing bucket brigade as the garden hose trick didn't work) and ... you get the idea.

After dealing unsuccessfully with one of the home improvement chain stores and all the conflicting statements I was getting from their representatives, I began calling plumbers, and Tristar was the winning quote simply based on the amount. But now I have much more to appreciate about Tristar.

Not only did Ron come out almost immediately to see the system firsthand, but his crew and their equipment and supplies were at my house in a couple hours and after several more had my house equipped with running hot water in the pipes, not in the carpet. There was no emergency service fee added (as some would do), and yet emergency service is what I got.

Plus John from Tristar had to deal with the aftermath of one highly emotional woman about 8:30 p.m. Monday night when my first attempt to fix this plumbing problem had me sending away the contractor once he mentioned the third upcharge needed before any work commenced.

Thanks again to everyone at Tristar Plumbing.

Denise Barker