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Four-Book Indie Author Collection


My artist, Ron Perovich, made this 3-D cover. Isn't it beautiful?


You may purchase these separately or buy this four-book collection and save some keystrokes and one dollar. In other words, you get one of the $0.99 books for free this way.

This collection combines four nonfiction works for Indie authors:

1. A Copyediting Checklist for Novelists (36 pp)
2. Before-You-Indie-Publish (19 pp)
3. How To Indie Publish: Tips, Instructions and Inspiration (102 pp)
4. Living the Dream Checklist: How To Quit Your (Current) Day Job (27 pp)


Found at Amazon, B&N and Kobo. Links follow.

Denise Barker, author + blogger + copy editor

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