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Before-You-Indie-Publish Checklist

Here is one of several e-books specifically for the Indie author.

I am here to share my Indie-publishing route with you (as I traverse it) and my desire to save you time and research. This is my documentation of that journey, hopefully to save you hours and steps. My previous career as a legal assistant working with Patent & Trademark attorneys, Corporate lawyers and Estate Planners, among litigators of all sorts, has helped me in my new career as an Indie-published author.

This book is nineteen pages long. Short, maybe not sweet, but to the point, with economy of price and time involved, although other options are set forth. I note vendors (and their respective links) that I am currently using and for which I received no remuneration. I provide the respective fees for the services listed as I have found them on the Internet as of this writing—all subject to change, of course. I am in Texas so if you reside elsewhere, you will have to do your own research for your State-level and Local-level registrations, etc. If living abroad, you will need to locate your own nationwide equivalents. This Checklist is just a stepping off point for you, to assist you.

May your trip be productive, efficient, successful, happy and fulfilling!


At Amazon, Kobo and B&N. Here's the links:

Denise Barker, author + blogger + copy editor

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