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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Additional GCB Quotes from Episode Three, "Love is Patient"

This episode expires in eleven hours on Hulu so I watched it again.  And here's some cute lines I missed from the first post:

Gigi [to Pastor Tudor]:  You'll have to excuse my daughter.  She's a lil' prickly because she's an old maid.

[Love the forlorn music playing in the background as Amanda reads her "goodbye" letter from Bill.]

Ripp:  Just wish I could figure out why my bit won't drill.

Carlene:  I'm gonna slip into something less biblical.

Carlene:  Who has secrets?
Ripp:  We all do, darling.  We all do.

Carlene:  South America is full of people who've faked their own deaths.

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