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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thank You, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

If you have been reading my posts for a while, you know I'm one-hundred-percent Indie.  Which is my choice.  Up to me.

My CPs are actively seeking representation and a contract.  Their choice.  Up to them.  I support them wholeheartedly.  I just don't choose to follow their particular path.

I freelance for a large traditional publishing house.  Again, my decision.  Which was a no-brainer as this was one of my dreams come true.  What a wonderful way to earn money--reading books!  Making them grammatically better.  Checking facts because, yes, even in fiction, they have to be correct.  My skills easily transported from my first career to my second (and final) one.

So consider me Switzerland.

But as an Indie-pubbed author, I have to thank outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble for giving me such a wonderful (and huge) place to dock my boat in the sea of commerce.

As a starving artist/book lover/fiction fanatic/nonfiction addict, I support Amazon's efforts to keep digital book pricing lower.  I know the book price greatly influences my buying decisions.

I don't pretend to know everything about the recent DOJ investigation but, from what I've read, Amazon served both authors and readers, standing up for them. So . . .

Thank you, Amazon and Barnes & Noble!  Without you, my second career would be a bust and I wouldn't be doing what I love and I wouldn't be working for the best boss ever in the whole wide world--me!

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