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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Woman's Place (a western romance) by Josie Malone Released 04.03.2012

 My featured author today writes mainstream western romance under the name Josie Malone for BookStrand and realistic teen fiction under the name of Shannon Kennedy for Black Opal.  She lives in western Washington State on the family farm and riding stable.

Her newest book, A Woman’s Place, a western romance, released April 3, 2012.  Congratulations, Josie!  Here’s the BookStrand link:  http://www.bookstrand.com/a-womans-place.  Coming soon to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Read on for more info about the book and its special author.

* * *

Trailing a serial killer, Homicide Detective Beth Chambers is thrust into 1888 Washington Territory where she encounters injured Rad Morgan, a ruggedly handsome marshal who believes A Woman’s Place is behind her man. Now, Beth must save Rad’s life, apprehend the killer, and prove herself capable as a law officer.
Former soldier and survivor of Andersonville Prison Camp, Marshal Rad Morgan faces his toughest challenge in Beth Chambers, a determined woman from the future who’s never learned “her place.”  But when he is shot and left for dead, he must put himself in Beth’s hands if they both want to survive.

Can these two headstrong people put their pride aside and work together to find the deadly killer and stop him before he destroys this world and their future?  As they fight for justice, love helps them discover A Woman’s Place is what and where she chooses to make it.


As a child, I loved to dream away the days in an old cherry tree on my family’s pony farm. In my imagination, the tree became a beautiful Arabian stallion, a medieval castle and even a pirate ship. I got in trouble for making my bratty little sisters walk the plank, but hey, they never broke any bones. On rainy days, I headed for my fort in the hayloft. While the rain thudded on the cedar shingled roof, I read books, eventually trading Carolyn Keene for Georgette Heyer.

Today, I live on the family ranch in the Cascade foothills of Washington state in what was once a summer vacation cabin. It’s been modernized and even has indoor plumbing – woo-hoo! I share it with my two cats or maybe, they share it with me. I still read a lot. The walls are lined with bookshelves and my favorite shopping trip is to Barnes & Noble at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood.

I usually write at night once the barn chores are done, after a long day on the ranch. Some days are longer and harder than others, but I still write from 8PM to 2AM every day or is it night?  As a substitute school teacher, I love the summer break but I’m just as busy, since that’s when we do horse day-camp during the week and trail rides, lessons and leasing on weekends.

* * *

In September 2012, look for Black Opal to release a new Shannon Kennedy novel entitled Throw Away Teen.

Josie aka Shannon has other books live on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

No image available for Daddy, Please Tell Me What’s Wrong

Here are the B&N links:

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