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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Annie Potts

I'm an ardent follower of Annie Potts.  Loved her in Ghostbusters.  Enjoyed her in Designing Women.  Totally adore her in GCB.  At first, I thought she wasn't old enough to have a 36-ish TV daughter.  If Amanda left as a pregnant senior in High School to marry Bill, she was probably the usual age of eighteen.  Plus if she moved away from her mother for another eighteen years as the show states a couple times (but "hasn't seen her in eight years"), then Amanda is thirty-six.  If her mother was twenty when she had her, then Gigi would have to be at least fifty-six.

Come to find out Annie Potts is fifty-nine.  And what a beauty at any age--regardless if she is knocking on sixty.

In GCB, Gigi gets some bad press.  Wanting to send off unwed pregnant Amanda to Gigi's sister in New Orleans, only to have the baby and then give it up, is not being supportive.  Harsh even.

HOWEVER, in the TV script, Gigi lost her husband to death at around the same time Amanda left Dallas and her mom.  Eighteen years ago.  So Gigi was handling both, plus an abrupt empty nest.  The TV series hasn't yet delved into Gigi's past on these points.  But I have to admire her as Amanda attacks her again on the adoption issue from years ago.  Gigi stands proud.  She's not giving into guilt--which would be easy to do.  Plus, useless.  Nonproductive.

And like any story, there are two sides.  I look forward to seeing an episode that explains more about what Gigi went through back then.

BTW, I have not yet read the book, so the series is unfolding as I see it on Hulu.

Another episode is coming on ABC tonight--Yeehaw!

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